Division Policies

1. Division Composition and Responsibilities: Division One encompasses the counties of Limestone, Jackson, Madison, and Marshall Counties in North Alabama and includes all Kiwanis Clubs in good standing located therein.  The Lt. Governor for each Division is responsible for assisting the District Governor in the administration of his/her duties, presiding over the Division council meetings and assisting the clubs in the Division in accomplishing their goals.

2. Lieutenant Governor Rotation: Each club in the Division is responsible for providing a member to serve as the Lt. Governor, in its turn, on a rotational basis. The upcoming Lt. Governor and Lt. Governor-Elect will be elected at the first Council meeting of the administrative year by a simple majority of the Division Council members present, to serve during the following administrative year. Any Lt. Governor or Lt. Governor-Elect candidate shall have previously served as a Club President. Any club which fails to provide a candidate for the office of Lt. Governor, when its turn arrives, will rotate to the bottom of the list as though it had provided a candidate.  Clubs may trade or swap positions in the rotation as long as it is mutually agreed to by both Clubs and duly documented either by joint memorandum signed by both Club Presidents and presented to the Council for enclosure in the Council Minutes or otherwise agreed to during a Council meeting and included in the minutes of said meeting.  Upon expiration of any trade, the original order of rotation will be in effect.  New Clubs built within the Division will be added to the bottom of the rotation.

3. Council Membership:  The Division Council is comprised of the Lt. Governor, Lt. Governor-Elect, Immediate Past Lt. Governor, and the President and Secretary of each Club in the Division.  Past Alabama District Governor(s) that are members of a Division One Club may, at their discretion, serve as Members-at-Large.

4. Council Meetings: The Division Council will meet approximately quarterly at the call of the Lt. Governor.  One of the council meetings will be held in conjunction with the annual Governor's visit to the Division.  The last Council meeting of the year will be a joint meeting scheduled by the out-going Lt. Governor, in coordination with the in-coming Lt. Governor, and attended by both the out-going and in-coming Councils.

5. Interclub: The cost of meals for each interclub will paid by the visiting club or club members.

6. Annual Club Leadership Education:  The incoming club presidents and secretaries will attend the annual club leadership education prior to assuming office.

Past Lt. Governors and Governors

Past Governors

2008 Ernest Hulsey Huntsville
1997 Adrian Watson Huntsville West
1934 John Sparkman Huntsville

Past Lt Governors

2008  James Hines Scottsboro
2007 Bryan Bennet Huntsville
2006 Jim Tullos South Huntsville
2005 Ray Tomlinson Huntsville West
2004 Anne Parris Metro
2003 Carol McCrary Scottsboro
2002 Ernest E. Hulsey Huntsville
2001 Doug Driskill Huntsville West
2000 Frank Smith North Huntsville
1999 Bob Balko South Huntsville
1998 Ronnie White Metro Huntsville
1997 Henry Fail Huntsville
1996 Paul Artis South Huntsville
1995 Dr. Hayward Handy North Huntsville
1994  Adrian Watson Huntsville West
1993 Meredith Miller Huntsville
1992 Charles Dawson Scottsboro
1991 Hoyt Looney Metro Huntsville
1990 Charles S. Gillespie South Huntsville
1989 Arthur A. Burke North Huntsville
1988 Richard Day Guntersville
1987 Robert L. Tibbs Metro Huntsville
1986 Clarence C. 'Ted' Fountain Huntsville
1985 Curtis H. Adams Metro Huntsville
1984 Maurice E. Wagner South Huntsville
1983 T. Frank Morring Huntsville
1982 Paul C. Adkinson Guntersville
1981 James S. Bragg Metro Huntsville
1980 Harry E. Miller South Huntsville
1980 Billy R. Collins Guntersville
1979 Robert G. Wilson Huntsville
1975 David C. Culver Huntsville
1974 Richard Starnes Guntersville
1971 Phillip M. Mason Metro Huntsville
1967 Chauncey W. Huth Huntsville
1964 Guy J. Spencer Huntsville
1958 James B. Mitchell Huntsville
1950 E.W. Popejoy Huntsville
1942 Kenneth B. Thomas Huntsville
1935 Dwight Wilhelm Scottsboro